Yoga for Musicians Workship & Masterclass at New School of Music

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 6:00pm

This two hour workshop contains two parts: a hands-on, interactive introduction to proper alignment of the body using key concepts from yoga and yogic breathing techniques as they pertain to singing, and a dynamic application of these concepts to performance in a masterclass setting. The concepts of body alignment taught in yoga are extremely useful for singing as they encourage proprioceptive awareness and a tension-free stance. The group will be led through a series of yoga postures specifically aimed at preparing the body to sing by eliminating tension and facilitating proper alignment. Pranayama breathing techniques will also be presented and are used to help singers become more aware of the movements of their breath, aid in developing breath control, and to help calm pre-performance nerves. This workshop will introduce these concepts to the entire group and then apply them to the performance of 2-4 singers (as time allows).

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New School of Music
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