Vin Femia at Harvard Book Store

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 7:00pm

Harvard Book Store welcomes local author and lifelong sports fan VIN FEMIA for a discussion of his latest book, Comeback! Tom Brady's Two Year Mission to Overcome Deflategate. He will be introduced by radio host and commentator and former NFL executive UPTON BELL.
About Comeback!

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots overcame controversy, the NFL, Roger Goodell, legal battles, injuries, accusations, suspensions, and big fourth-quarter deficits to win two Super Bowls in three years and avenge Deflategate. Comeback! summarizes the two year mission of Tom Brady and the New England Patriots to overcome the controversies associated with the Deflategate accusations both in the courts and on the playing field.
It started on January 18, 2015 after they had trounced the Indianapolis Colts 45-7 in the AFC Championship Game to earn the right to move on to their 6th Super Bowl since 2001. Suddenly—seemingly from out of nowhere—came accusations that the Patriots had been using underinflated footballs. This began the sports crisis that became known as Deflategate.
This was the start of an unprecedented controversy. What followed was two years of court cases, derogatory sports commentary, accusations that Patriot quarterback Tom Brady had asked equipment staff to deflate the footballs, more court cases and appeals, and, ultimately, Brady having to serve out a four game suspension to start the 2016 NFL season.
The Patriots had to overcome the absence of their superstar quarterback for those four games . . . and they did. Brady had to overcome the lack of contact with the team in any way (even for medical treatment) during that time, as well as the verbal criticism and accusations of sports commentators around the country and boos and jeers from fans in stands at road games when he returned . . . and he did. Then, when the Patriots overcame these hardships and again were able to make it back to the Super Bowl in 2017, they had to come back from a 25 point deficit late in the third quarter in that game . . . and they did.
Tom Brady and the Patriots had come back from everything that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and his league had thrown at them and had prevailed in the largest comeback in Super Bowl history. Comeback! provides an in-depth analysis of the events of these two years, from the beginning of the controversy to the Patriots’ triumphant revenge in Super Bowl LI in 2017.

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