Saturday, June 29, 2019 2:15pm 7:00pm

Of course, coming out of the gate with a feature debut like GET OUT, there were great expectations for Jordan Peele’s follow-up horror film, US. Happily, Peele has exceeded them all with this innovative freak-out. A husband eager for some family together time convinces his wife to bring their kids to her family’s vacation home in Santa Cruz for a getaway. On their first night there, however, things get creepy when another family shows up in their driveway and forces their way into the house. To give away more would be a disservice to those who haven’t seen it but, suffice to say that, US is a thrilling horror film with an epic-in-scope backstory that is a treat on the big screen with an engaged audience.

$9 - $13
Brattle Theatre
Brattle Theatre
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