Monday, November 26, 2018 7:00pm


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Zornitsa (Morning Star), founded in 1992, is a Bulgarian chorus and orchestra of men from the Boston area, directed by the acclaimed Bulgaria singer Tatiana Sarbinska. Zornitsa performs traditional and urban Bulgarian songs, accompanied by the traditional Bulgarian instruments gaida (bagpipe), kaval (end-blown flute), gadulka (a bowed stringed instrument with sympathetic strings), tambura (a long-necked fretted stringed instrument), tarabuka (small drum), and tapan (large drum). Zornitsa has performed for many events in the Boston area and has traveled four times to Bulgaria, performing at the Koprivshtitsa Folk Festival, at the State Opera House in Blagoevgrad, and on Bulgarian National Television.

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The 500 year old Ottoman music tradition owes a lot to the contribution of women composers, performers and teachers of Turkish music and with their project Music of Turkish-Ottoman Women Composers, these musicians aim to shed light to the composers works of art, and present this unique genre of music with its traditional instruments. Oldest documentations and illustrations which have survived  from the Ottoman period until now of women performing music are from the 16th century. Studying works of women composers help us understand the Ottoman tradition in a historical and musical context, and also the place of women in the music of Turkey, from then up until now.

Ceren Turkmenoglu – Violin, Rebab, Bendir, Voice
Volkan Efe – Oud, Ney, Kemence, Voice
Michael Harrist – Yayli Tanbur, Bendir, Double Bass
Tev Stevig – Tanbur, Saz, Oud

Small World – Big Ears


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Marhaba (or ‘Merhaba’ in Turkish) can mean ‘welcome’ or ‘hello’ in Arabic and Turkish and is meant to reflect the sound of this group! Orkestra Marhaba started in 2011 when a quartet of musicians coming back from a concert talked about their shared curiosity around makam – a system of defining musical scales in Turkish classical music.

As four minds are better than one, a working group of musicians in the Boston area came together every week with their different instruments to discover and strengthen their knowledge of makam and the world of Ottoman art music.  Since then our ranks have grown and modified, and so has our music: Ottoman court music dating from the early 16th century to modern Turkish composers, light classical love songs called şarkı, short strophic hymns called ilahi, dance pieces such as sirto and longa, timeless folk music from the Anatolian landscape, Ayinleri(compositions for dervishes to turn to whose lyrics come from Rumi’s Mathnawi) and Turkish folk songs calledtürkü. Finally, an ever evolving series of original compositions, where our minds can feel free to fly with the help of makam theory.

Small World – Big Ears


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INàplays, interprets, and reinterprets music of the African-Diaspora specifically through the traditional musics of Cuba and Brazil. Through the use of just singers and drummers they engage their audience with vocal harmonies, dancing, and drumming.  Having just started in May of 2016, INàhas already performed all around Boston at Club Passim, The Lilypad, Gallery 263, New England Conservatory’s Brown Hall, CityPOP Egleston, The Museum of Fine Arts for Make Music Boston, Arts at the Armory, and Magnolia Loft  presented by Journeys in Sound.

Percussionist, arranger, and bandleader Julian Loida leads this Afro-Cuban and Brazilian collective as he collaborates with both students and professionals who origins and previous experience with the music can vary greatly.

Julian Loida – percussion / Mike Ringquist – percussion / Bas Janssen – Percussion / Sofia Kriger – Lead Vocals / Isabel Fine – Vocals / Lillian Oviedo Aldama – Vocals and Dance / Sandra Marcelino – Vocals and Dance

(617) 492-7679
47 Palmer St
Cambridge, MA 02138