Melissa Dawn Burrage Book Launch Party

Thursday, June 20, 2019 7:00pm


Melissa Dawn Burrage will discuss The Karl Muck Scandal: Classical Music and Xenophobia in World War I America

One of the cherished narratives of American history is that of the Statue of Liberty welcoming immigrants to its shores. Accounts of the exclusion and exploitation of Chinese immigrants in the late nineteenth century and Japanese internment during World War II tell a darker story of American immigration. Less well-known, however, is the treatment of German-Americans and German nationals in the United States during World War I. Initially accepted and even welcomed into American society, at the outbreak of war, this group would face rampant intolerance and anti-German hysteria.

About the Author

MELISSA D. BURRAGE is a former writing consultant (adjunct) at Harvard Extension School”---, holds a Master's Degree in History from Harvard University and a PhD in American Studies from University of East Anglia.

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