Holy Air at Boston Jewish Film Festival

Saturday, November 11, 2017 6:30pm

With news of a new baby on the way, Adam reevaluates his life and realizes it isn’t amounting to much. And to top it off, he needs to make some cash — fast! An Arab Christian in Nazareth, Adam comes up with an idea that is perfect for the Pope’s upcoming visit: he will bottle and sell “Holy Air” — the very air that the Virgin Mary breathed. But before he can bring this groundbreaking product to market he’ll need to become allies with Nazareth’s three ruling cultures: the Jewish politicians, the Muslim mafia boss, and the Catholic church officials. In a politically unstable world where religion is just merchandise, can Holy Air become Adam’s salvation?

Official Selection, Tribeca Film Festival, 2017

Director(s): Shady Srour
Country: Israel
Year: 2017
Language: Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Italian
Running Time: 81 minutes
Type of Film: Narrative
Premiere Status: Boston Premiere
Topic: Drama, Comedy, Israel

(617) 876-6837
Brattle Theatre
40 Brattle St
Cambridge, MA 02138