Saturday, June 2, 2018 12:00pm - 8:00pm

*A 90th Anniversary Celebration*

Please note:  due to forecasted inclement weather, this event has been postponed until June 2, 2018 


Street Fair: Outside, on Plympton Street, between Mass Avenue and Bow Street, Harvard Square, Cambridge MA. 



Open House: Inside the Grolier Poetry Book Shop at 
6 Plympton Street, Cambridge, MA.



The Grolier is the oldest poetry book shop in the United States. 

We first opened our doors in 1927 to a very different world. During our 90 years we have been a beloved home to poets and to those who love poetry. 

Join us as we celebrate our past 90 years, 

while we plan for our 100th year and beyond. 






Our Poetry Festival includes an exciting lineup of poets, programs, theatrical performances, and workshops. Please view our Program on our website. Poets, Musicians, Dance, and Dramatic Performances will include: 


Stan Strickland, legendary vocalist, saxophonist, and flutist will join us. Stan is the leader of Stan Strickland & Ascension, and the Stan Strickland Trio.


Jimmy Tingle will make a guest appearance.


Children's Program: From 12noon-1pm: Shakespeare in MotionTwelfth Nightscene selections in spoken word, followed by a children's poetry reading. From 1-3pm: A poetry writing workshop for children. **These events are for children of all ages.** 


Poets: David Ferry * Ifeanyi Menkiti * Kathleen Spivack * Lloyd Schwartz * Gloria Mindock * Steven Cramer * Elizabeth McKim * Trudi Cohen & John Bell, reading Ode to Common Things with puppeteers and guitar * Harris Gardner * Joyce Perseroff * Tom Daley * Tomas O'Leary, reading and playing his accordion * Fred Marchant * Patrick Sylvain * Martha Collins * Ruth Lepson * Dan Tobin * Monique-Adelle Callahan * Gail Mazur * Cambridge Writer's Workshop Group: Diana Norma Szokolyai, accompanied by Audrey Harrer, Harpist


Grolier Poetry Press Poets: Keith O'Shaughnessy  * X.J.Kennedy * Fred Feirstein * Spring Berman * Partridge Boswell  * A reading from Tino Villanueva's Grolier Press book, So Spoke Penelope:  English excerpts will be read by one poet, with poet Livia Meneghin reading from the Italian translation that Tino is premiering in Florence and Venice.


Translation Poets: Sajed Kamal will translate from English to Bengali * Jana Kiely translating from English to Czech * Jim Kates translating, French to English


Dramatic readings and performances: By Michael Mack and Jim Vrabel, and a dance performance from Joe Burgio, Ensemble Inedit: Poetry, Song and Dance by performers from Turkey, Brazil, and Israel.


CREDO Workshop: An abbreviated version of the manifestos workshop that Diana Norma Szokolyai and Rita Banerjee take around the world. CREDO books, newly released, will be available for purchase.


See Program Here 




Harvard Book Store is a sponsor of our event. A full list of sponsors will be released shortly. 


Our Food and Beverage Sponsor and Vendor, Grafton Street will serve: Beer, Wine, and Soft Drinks, and a Delicious Menu Which Will Include: Hand-Cut Potato Chips * Fruit Kabobs * Patty Melts * Veggie Burgers * Ice Cream Sandwiches. 




Grolier Poetry Festival, June 2, 2018


**You won't want to miss this event.** 

This event is free and open to the public. 


 Sign up is not necessary, but encouraged and appreciated, as this will help us with our planning. 


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CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS: We need volunteers to help with 
general tasks, as well as volunteers with experience in events and theatrical productions.

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Grolier Poetry Bookshop
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