Ghosts in the Classroom: Conversations between parents and teachers at Lesley University

Friday, October 25, 2019 9:00am - 1:00pm

Join MacArthur Genius Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot for a presentation on “GHOSTS IN THE CLASSROOM: The Generational and Cultural Narratives that Haunt Parent-Teacher Encounters.” From the rich exploration of the tender and treacherous family-school terrain that Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot examines in her book, “The Essential Conversation,” her Master Class will focus on the three domains that are central to shaping the tone, texture, and substance of parent-teacher encounters. Lawrence-Lightfoot is a MacArthur Prize recipient, as well as a recipient of the Emily Hargroves Fisher Endowed Chair at Harvard University (1998). Upon her retirement in 2019, the endowed chair became the Sara Lawrence-Lightfoot Chair, making her the first African-American woman in Harvard's history to have an endowed professorship named in her honor. The event is presented by Lesley University’s Graduate School of Education PhD Department. All admission fees will be donated to the doctoral student scholarship fund.

617) 868-9600
General admission: $100 per person, or $550 for a table of six Lesley University alumni admission: $50
Lesley University
Washburn Commons
99 Brattle Street
Cambridge, 02138