Dragon Cycle at Oberon

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 - Saturday, April 6, 2019 7:30pm - 7:00pm


Virtuosic Seattle-based performer Sara Porkalob returns with new songs in her musical Dragon Lady and the next chapter of her family’s history in Dragon Mama.


Dragon Lady

Return Engagement

It is the year of the Water Dragon and the eve of Grandma Maria’s 60th birthday. By the light of the karaoke machine, fueled by pork dumplings and Diet Pepsi, she shares a dark secret from her Filipino gangster past with one lucky grandchild. Traversing 50 years of faulty family memories, Seattle-based performer Sara Porkalob returns with new songs to share this timely new musical about what it means to come to America. The Seattle Times calls Dragon Lady, “commanding and irresistible…a fierce and vibrant memoir.”


Dragon Mama

How does a Dragon earn her wings? Maria Porkalob, Jr. yearns for a gayer, more POC-filled life than Bremerton, WA can offer. When presented with an opportunity to make a quick fortune, Maria must make an important decision: leave her debt-ridden mother, four young siblings, and newborn daughter for the wild unknown of Alaska, or stay close to home, family, and intergenerational trauma. The second play in her Dragon Cycle, Sara Porkalob’s new solo show traverses 25 years of her mother’s life filled with queer love in a barren land, a dope ’90s R&B soundtrack, and Filipino gangsters. This is Dragon Mama.

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2 Arrow Street
Cambridge, MA 02138