Upcoming work for the Harvard Kennedy School Project

During the afternoon/evening of Saturday, December 12, construction crews will be in the east bound lanes on Eliot Street, between Bennett Street and JFK Street, with an assist crane to continue with the crane assembly. Alternating traffic will be in effect with police details on site to assist with traffic management. The Eliot Street garage, adjacent to Dunkin Donuts, will maintain access at all times.

On Sunday, December 13, Eliot Street, from Mt. Auburn Street to Bennett Street and from Bennett Street to JFK Street, will be closed from 7am-7pm. The Eliot Street garage will remain open for these work hours. Roadway signage and police details will be visible throughout the operation. The 66 and 86 outbound bus stop between JFK Street and Memorial Drive will be out of service between 7am-7pm. Signage will be placed at this bus stop to redirect passengers to the bus stop on Eliot Street (directly across from Charlie’s Kitchen), where they can access the 66 and 85 outbound buses.

If you have any questions, please call the Harvard University Construction Mitigation Office at 617-496-0857.

Chris Neil | Mitigation Manager

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