The Laptop Project

The Harvard Square Business Association and the Harvard COOP are delighted to announce their partnership with Klara Ingersoll,    founder of the Laptop Project.  It is a program designed to accept donated laptop computers and distribute them to students at Cambridge Rindge and Latin (CRLS); many of whom, according to Ingersoll, do have not have adequate computer equipment and access. 

Klara, a high school senior at CRLS, conceived of the idea in a course offered to seniors called, the Graduation Project, which she has taken both semesters of this school year. While Klara spearheaded the project, she is quick to give credit to her cohort, stating, “The Laptop Project was truly born out of everyone in the CRLS community who has been emphasizing the significant “achievement gap” – now more appropriately being referred to as the “opportunity gap” which is causing the disparity in educational performance.  While promoting conversations about the growing divide in our city, we also hope to promote sustainability through recycling electronic devices and reducing tech-waste.”

Ingersoll went on to say, “Despite the fact that Cambridge is home to world-renowned universities and tech companies, a significant number of Cambridge students don't have a computer at home or share one with their entire family. Success in higher level classes requires daily computer and internet access outside of school. The college application process is all online. Computer literacy is essential for the majority of professional work. Computer and internet access allows people to discover their interests and deepen their knowledge and abilities in those areas.

When it comes down to it, the “digital divide” is not merely differential situations for different individuals but real exclusion, and it is everyone’s problem. Children growing up in Cambridge deserve to see themselves as potential members of the companies, organizations, and universities that reside in their neighborhoods.”

The Laptop Project will accept donations of laptops from students, residents, employees of Cambridge companies, organizations, universities, and individuals.  They can be dropped off at the Gift Desk at the Harvard COOP, 9 Brattle Street, Harvard Square. (at the corner of Brattle & Palmer) 

Jeremiah P. Murphy, President of The Harvard COOP said they are looking forward to collecting lots of laptops and that there is a good system in place to do so efficiently. Murphy said, “Donors will be given a receipt acknowledging their donation for tax purposes; a duplicate of which will be provided to the Laptop Project for their records and to send thank you notes to donors.”   

Laptop donations will be accepted from May 15, 2016 through July 12, 2016.  For further information, please refer to: