The HSBA is pleased to welcome Linda Burton, the newly appointed Executive Director for the CCAE!


The Board of Directors of the Cambridge Center for Adult Education (CCAE) is delighted to announce that Linda Burton will become Executive Director effective August 1, 2016. Highly regarded as a leader in the field of continuing education and professional development, Linda served for thirteen years as President and CEO of MIS Training Institute, which she helped transform from a U.S. based seminar company into a substantially higher growth international organization offering more than 500 seminars and events across five continents. By every account, she has done so with an inclusive, transparent, thoughtful and strategically imaginative leadership style – an approach the Board believes will serve the Center exceptionally well.

After a successful career in the commercial sector, Linda was attracted by “the Center’s content breadth and its tradition of bringing students and teachers together in a lively learning environment that was both enriching and empowering.” CCAE Board chairman Jock Herron noted that the Search Committee and the Board as a whole were particularly impressed by, “Linda’s track record of organically boosting net revenues with integrity, openness and a collaborative leadership style. We are delighted that Linda has agreed to serve as our next Executive Director, building on the accomplishments of her predecessors Susan Hartnett and Jim Smith.”