His name is James and he now has a new wheelchair!

His name is James…and he now has a new wheelchair!

Several months ago, George David Torres, a Harvard senior befriended James Lappin.  James is a familiar face in Harvard Square and can be found most days in his wheelchair, in front of the Cambridge Trust Company on Mass. Ave.  

James is a gentle soul with seemingly few resources, however, he used everything he had to convey a message of need to George.   

Torres, during what was likely the most stressful time of his entire tenure (final exams for graduation) showed extraordinary empathy and compassion. He listened to James and then took the time to create a gofundme  page to raise funds to purchase a new wheelchair for James.   

When we heard about the campaign, we reached out to Harvard Square Business Association members and our far-reaching global community through our social media platforms.  Our businesses, folks from across the square, and beyond responded with generosity and kindness to raise funds for James; many donors had never laid eyes upon him.   

George continued to work with Boston Orthopedic and Respiratory after graduation, and upon his return to his home in Texas. His diligence ensured the safe and proper delivery of the wheelchair which arrived last Friday, August 11th.

Yesterday we took a few pictures of James…and asked if he needed anything else. First he conveyed his sincerest gratitude to George Torres and all the generous donors who made his dream possible and then he asked for one more favor.  What are the chances that he would ask for a cup holder for his coffee? Apparently 100% - so we went to Dickson Bros. True Value on Brattle Street and purchased him a new cup holder for his coffee, and the story came full circle.