The Hahvahd Tour provides translation guides to international tourists

The Hahvahd Tour , which provides daily public tours
of Harvard University and surrounding Harvard Square area led by current Harvard
Students, announces their creation of full text translation guides for Spanish, French and
Mandarin speakers that take their tour. Due to demand from past international guests, The
Hahvahd Tour is offering up complimentary brochures for guests in their native languages
to follow along with their tour guides. The translations, made up of a large 4page
brochure, include photographs of each stop, and allow foreign language speaking guests
to read and follow along with the tour guide so they understand exactly what they are seeing along each tour stop.
Translations are provided free of charge, upon request, to guests who have purchased tickets for The
Hahvahd Tour. The most common requests for translations have come from families,
where some members have a better grasp of English than others. It provides an
opportunity for the entire family to enjoy a tour together and have a fun experience.
“One of the very first things we do on our tours is ask each guest where they are coming
from because ‘The Hahvahd Tour attracts guests from all around the world!’ We see a lot of

nonEnglish speakers that have requested a translation in the past and we thought it would
be fitting to roll out full translation guides and make our tours more accessible for those
guests,” says Daniel Andrew, CEO of Trademark Tours. “So far there has been
overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests who are thrilled that we provide these
translations. And, we’re thrilled to be able to provide this new benefit to them!”

The Hahvahd Tour ( is the most popular tour of Harvard University.