Commonwealth of Massachusetts, AN ACT TO ESTABLISH PAY EQUITY

City of Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons’ formed a Pay Equity Committee several months ago.  Since then, committee members have been steadily spreading the word out about the Pay Equity law that will go into effect in July of 2018. 

The Mayor has an exciting initiative seeking out businesses already engaged in pay equity practices and those willing to embrace the concept.  Mayor Simmons has termed these businesses “Early Adopters,”  Her attached letter fully explains the initiative.  We encourage you to take a moment to read it carefully as this law is impactful.     

We know many of our HSBA members have always engaged in pay equity. We also believe that those that aren’t currently practicing pay equity, will consider doing so now, rather than waiting until the law requires it.     

If you are a Cambridge business and are willing to accept the Mayor’s invitation to become an “Early Adopter” of Equal Pay, please click here.

Early Adopters, will be invited to attend an Early Adopters Press Conference on Thursday, March 30th in the Atrium Room at 50 Church St, 4th Floor in Harvard Square at 9:30 A.M.  The Mayor will formally announce the businesses that have signed on as Early Adopters at the press conference, as well as announce the next steps.

Theresa Stevens, Executive Assistant to the Mayor

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