6 Things to Know About En Boca in Harvard Square BY SCOTT KEARNAN

Credit: Brian Samuels Photography


On Thursday, En Boca opened in Harvard Square, marking the latest restaurant to ride the wave of Mediterranean cuisine sweeping through Boston. There are vibrant, shareable plates that pay homage to the Mediterranean coast, a selection of farmstead cheeses and a well-stocked wine bar. Before you head over, here's what you need to know. 

8 Holyoke St., Cambridge; 857-259-6321 

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    This restaurant sure doesn't look like its siblings. 

    En Boca shares the same ownership as two Irish pubs: Central Square's The Asgard and Downtown's The Kinsale. But the cooking and ambiance wouldn't suggest that. The Boston design firm Soka Studio took inspiration from European wine bars. The result? A 132-seat space has furnishings inspired by midcentury Danish design, a 17-seat modular bar and some eye-catching artwork by Natick-based artist Ami Mesner.



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