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    Best Of

    Dear HSBA Members and Friends:


    We know that we have the best square; we know that we are best place to people watch; and we certainly know that we have one of the best Free, Public, Outside WiFi programs, not just in the area, but in the entire country!  (I have fielded calls from the Middle East to Woodstock, Vermont, from Cape May, New Jersey to the coast of California from folks asking about our outside Wifi.)


    However, as good as we are, it is still nice to be acknowledged, particularly, when all of you are working so hard to be the best!  Please take a moment to vote “Harvard Square” as the Best Square, the Best Place to People Watch, and the Best FREE WiFi.


    New Category – Vote for the best Square!


    We have won this many times, and would like to win again!


    We are not even listed! Please write in Harvard Square’s Free, Public Outside WiFi Program!


    Thank you. 


    Denise Jillson

    Executive Director