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    Lumen Eclipse Public Display Gallery opens in Harvard Square!

    If you were standing in the heart of Harvard Square you would have the opportunity to view the two new outdoor plasma displays on the information kiosk. The display is presented by Lumen Eclipe in an unique program to create a privately sustainable arts outlet funded by the promotion of community-based local business.

    The art rotates between the two displays from 5 a.m to 1 a.m daily, with dynamic audio. An estimated 53,000 pedestrians pass within view of the gallery each day.

    The model concurrently supports the arts and the sustainability of a local economy with funds generated by the promotion of area business. In so doing, Lumen Eclipse challenges both the standard marketing model for small business, and the standard fundraising model for the arts.

    Public display advertising is a valued means for businesses to communicate; we believe that can have an equal if not greater effect as a medium for artists.

    To see the art gallery for yourself...