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    Women's History Month in Harvard Square

    Please join us in celebrating Women's History Month and a remarkable group of woman business owners and organization directors in Harvard Square . Most recently, Harvard Square has been fortunate to have the following extraordinary women open the following exemplary businesses! 

    Crema Café, Marley Brush and Liza Bayer-Kahn
    Passport Boutique, Jessica Good
    Small Plates, Stephanie Rossi
    Tistik, Perla Brito Cuevas
    and Topaz, Stephanie Dunn and Evelyn Levy.

    Ten Tables, Krista Kranyak
    Sweet, Courtney Forrester

    Through the years Harvard Square has been fortunate to have the following women business owners and organization directors contribute to the daily flavor, style and value of Harvard Square . Harvard Square would not be the same without them.

    Businesses currently owned or directed by women in Harvard Square :

    A Taste of Culture, Carmen Heller
    A Friendly Inn, Hong Liu
    American Repertory Theatre, Director Diane Paulus
    Black Ink, Susan Corcoran
    Bettina Network Inc, Marceline Donaldson
    Brattle Florist, Catie Zedros
    The Brattle Theater, Ivy Moylan
    Calliope, Diane Nanni
    Cardullo’s Gourmet Shoppe, Donez Tavilla and Francesca Sibble
    Cambridge Artists Cooperative   
    Carriage House Salon, Christine Williamson and Janet Cahaly
    Clothware, Louise Ciampi
    Charles River Conservancy, Renata Von Tscharner
    Curious George, Donna Friedman
    Dado Tea, Jennie Song
    Dreams Beauty and Sun City Tanning, Nila Desai
    Fresh Pond Ballet, Nina Hathaway
    Games People Play, Carol Monica
    Gnomon Copy, Michelle Skikne
    The Globe Corner Bookstore, Harriet Carrier
    Harvard Museum of Natural History, Director Elisabeth Werby
    Harvard Square Shiatsu, Liz Vequist
    Hempest, Kimberly Johnson
    The Hong Kong, Mrs. Lee
    The Irving House and the Harding House, Rachael Solem
    James & Devon Gray, Devon Gray
    Joie de Vivre, Linda Given
    Lem Lem,  Lem Lem McCrary
    Longy School of Music, Director Karen Zorn
    Lumen Eclipse, Jen Brzoza
    MDF and Motto, Jude Silver
    Mint Julep, Brooke Garber and Stephanie Nist
    Mount Auburn Hospital, Jeanette Clough
    Mr Bartley’s Burger Cottage, Mrs. Joan Bartley
    Mystic Rosa
    Neena’s Lighting, Neena Dhanda
    New England School of English, Director Anna Shine
    Patricia Mazza Real Estate, Patricia Mazza
    Prellwitz and Chilinski, Wendy Prellwitz
    Pyara, Christine Perkins
    The Peabody Museum, Director Pamela Girardi
    Resource Inc, Susan Schlossberg
    Rialto, Jody Adams
    Sabra Grill, Nada Rizkallah
    Salon Bella Mar, Mari Kozelian
    Sandrine’s Bistro, Gwen Trost
    Silvia Glick Attorney at Law
    Swiss Watchmaker, Susan Lelyveld
    Sullivan Communications, Martha Sullivan
    UpStairs on the Square, Mary Catherine Deibel and Deborah Hughes
    Via Vai, Marie Santamaria
    Vision House, Nancy Gold and Donna Turner
    Zipa Jewlery, Mitsu Ochoa-Meier 

    We would also like to acknowledge a few other important women who profoundly improve and impact our daily lives and businesses in Harvard Square.

    Our Mayor, Denise E. Simmons
    Our City Councilors, Majorie Decker and Henrietta Davis.
    Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, Director Kelly Thompson Clark
    Cambridge Office for Tourism, Director Robyn Bell
    Cambridge Postmaster, Katherine Lydon
    State Representative, Alice Wolf
    State Representative, Martha Marty Walz
    Cambridge College Chancellor and Founder, Eilleen Brown
    MIT President, Susan Hockfield
    and Harvard University President, Drew Faust