Trash Night at the Brattle Theatre

Tuesday, July 18, 2017 7:30pm

STEEL was one of four Supermans introduced by DC after the infamous mid-90s “Death of Superman” arc.
STEEL, starring Shaq, is directed by Kenneth Johnson, who did V and Alien Nation and the Six Million Dollar Man, and who once swore he’d never make a superhero movie.
And perhaps he believes he never did, because STEEL, starring Shaq, is a movie about STEEL, by DC, which does not feature or even reference Superman.
IN FACT, STEEL was supposed to be a follow-up film to a “Death of Superman” blockbuster, and when that film itself never materialized, one gets the idea that Johnson, who was already eager to put his own spin on the character, eagerly scrubbed it clean of anything cape-shaped.
STEEL! Judd Nelson’s the bad guy and a teenage Ray J co-stars! STEEL! It’s cuddly mid-90s Shaq! STEEL! Y-you’re going to love it!

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