Jeremy J Starn at Lesley University

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Friday, September 1, 2017 through Sunday, October 8, 2017

This collection of work explores the fabrication of a new topography. While false-color satellite images document 21st century developments, other images depict what future landscapes may come. Processing raw satellite imagery to create unreal images, Jeremy J Starn explores how land is transformed to fit the demands of a rapidly increasing population. Images from his ‘ANTHROPO/CENE’ series show the surface of earth changing in this new epoch; one that is defined by human activity. From circuit board-esque fracking in New Mexico to a pipeline running hundreds of miles through the Jili Lake desert in China, the human mark is present around the globe. More recent work from his ‘simulacra’ series create future landscapes that may soon exist. In ‘simulacra’ Jeremy is interested in how digital representations become more valued and relied upon than the original landscape.
Starn is a socially engaged activist, artist, and photographer. His work revolves around themes of globalization, environmental conservation, and land development. In 2014, Jeremy spent a year working in Thailand as a photojournalist for The Isaan Record, a grassroots news organization. He focused on the military coup of 2014 and it’s effect on rural farmers in the Northeast region. Seeing how globalization transformed the country, he turned his interest to the appropriation of land. Working with false-color satellite imagery provided by the USGS, Starn utilizes the bird’s eye view to examine large patterns of land use. He exaggerates, collages, and manipulates these satellite images to emphasize the power humans have over the environment.
Starn received a BFA in Photography and Art History from Lesley University College of Art and Design in 2014 and lives in Boston, MA. He has exhibited work internationally and nationally, including the New Britain Museum Of American Art, SubSamson Gallery, Noelke Gallery, and the Providence Center for Photographic Arts. In 2016, his series “ANTHROPO/CENE” was shown in a solo exhibition at Photographic Expressions Gallery in Troy, NY.

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