Come in from the cold and stir the senses at Salt & Olive

Repeats every 3 week(s) on Thursday.
Thursday, March 15, 2018 through Thursday, December 13, 2018
5:00pm - 7:00pm

Every Thursday at Salt & Olive, from 5-7 pm, we’ll taste wines from around the world.  Want to explore new grapes and flavors? Want to move on from that Cabernet to something more unusual? Or, want to learn more about your favorite region? 

Salt & Olive hosts our favorite vintners and producers every Thursday at 1160 Mass Ave!


March 8th 5-7 pm: Women Vintners from Europe will be poured from 5-7pm.  To celebrate Women’s History Month, every Thursday in March women winemakers and winery owners will be featured for tasting and discussion.


March 9th 5-7 pm: Mike from Jack’s Abby Brewery will be pouring their fabulous local brews for your tasting and learning pleasure! We’ll also have El Jefe’s chips and salsa to make it a savory evening! 


March 15th 5-7: Third Thursday’s with Paulo from Classic Wines takes you on a trip around the wine world as he pours wines from international women’s vintners. 

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March 22nd 5-7: Chris Trotta from Naples will pour only Italian wines from women winery owners! Come join for an Italian focused tasting

Much of life is virtual, but so much should be felt, experienced, and shared face to face, heart to heart. That's why we're here.

As promised, this year Salt & Olive is welcoming new partners to put the "viti
" in your culture, the hops in your step, and award winning flavors on your table.

February will be chock-full of new flavors, tastings and events — so hit pause, climb out from under the blankets, and come join us!

Make this a recurring appointment in your calendar: Paulo Pereira from Classic Wine Imports will bring us his discerning taste and extensive experience onthe third Thursday of every month, from 5 to 7 pm. 

With Paulo's guidance, you might fall in love with a new region, explore the appeal of an unexpected blend, learn how today's vintners are honoring tradition while pushing the boundaries, and more.

Consider it a standing invitation!

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Salt & Olive
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