CTM Media Group

CTM Media Group
30B Sixth Road
Woburn, MA 01801
Public Relations
Founded in 1983 as Creative Theater Marketing, CTM sought to educate and attract visitors interested in Broadway shows in New York City. After creating an unparalleled distribution network that proactively drove visitor traffic, CTM expanded services to include key New York City attractions and has continued to grow both geographically and through the many additional product offerings.
Today, CTM distributes over 128 million brochures each year, performs thousands of service stops each month, maintains over 20 warehouses, and employs over 150 corporate, service, and sales representatives. 
Millions of visitors use CTM's information services to enhance their vacation and recreational choices. It's no wonder our clients have continued to choose CTM Media Group an integral partner in developing their marketing strategy year over year. Our comprehensive marketing approach includes Brochure Distribution, RightCard™, Publishing, Printing, and Digital Distribution.