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Guided sessions are offered 9:30am-9:30pm 7 days per week, 365 days per year.  Free introductions are offered to all who are interested in learning more. Please call 781-643-2651 to schedule a visit.

The Subtraction Meditation Method Created by Teacher Woo Myung

There are more than 340 meditation centers located around the world currently teaching Teacher Woo Myung’s subtraction method. All human problems stem from the desire to live well, live a better life and live more comfortably. Meditation offers solutions to these problems. No matter where you are in life, meditation can bring about positive changes. Historically the biggest problem with meditation was the fact that the human mind could not be precisely defined. Teacher Woo Myung has defined the human mind very simply. The human mind is an accumulation of pictures stored inside the brain. The camera was invented based on the principle of how the human eye functions. Like a camera, the human body is constantly taking pictures of the world through the 5 senses. The pictures mold us into our pattern of thinking and habitual behavior that limit and confine us. They create the individual’s picture world. As you practice this subtraction method you will notice self improvement. You will experience your mind that was filled with attachment to pictures from the past being emptied. This eliminates all burdens thereby making it easier to live better and more comfortably. Your health will improve as the natural flow of energy is restored. As true wisdom enters your mind, you will easily find solutions to your problems. You will know all the principles of the world so life becomes filled with happiness, joy and freedom. The subtraction method is a guided, step by step method that anyone can follow. There are always meditation guides available and eager to help you subtract. The method is seven levels and the entire program can be completed within one year.

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