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University Place Garage

124 Mt. Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

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Harvard Square's answer to inexpensive parking has arrived. University Place Garage, operated by VPNE Parking Solutions, is located at 124 Mount Auburn Street, just a block away from Harvard Square. Please enter through our entrance on University Road.

Daily Rates:

0-.5  $5

.5-1  $10.00

1-1.5 $14.00

1.5-2  $19.00

2 to 24 hours $27.00

Student rate with current ID $200.00

Evenings after 4pm/ Sat. and Sun.  $13.00/ $9.00 with a merchant validation

Parking Validation Program
Before 4:00PM Mon-Fri Receive discounted rates when you have your parking ticket validated at over 75 of Harvard Square’s businesses.
0 to 1 Hour $4.00 flat rate
1 to 5 Hours $13.00 flat rate
5 to 24 Hours $24.00
Please remember to have your parking ticket stamped once you've made your purchase. Parking attendants do not validate parking tickets.

Nights & Weekends
Enter after 4:00PM Mon-Fri / All day on weekends
0 to 1 hour $5.00/ $4.00 with validation 
1+ Hours $9.00 flat fee with validation till 3AM
$13.00 flat fee without validation till 3AM  

Monthly Parking Rate 205.00- 410.00 is the new range

Call for: Special rate for area Restaurants and Retailers. Additional discount programs available for area Restaurants and Retailers. Pre paid Night and Weekend Parking Stickers available to all 5 for $35 Night Monthly $110.00 Enter after after 4pm Mon-Fri all day Sat and Sun and Federal Holidays.

Special Rates for Restaurant and Retail employees

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