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The Holyoke Center Parking Garage

1350 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138
boston@propark.com | Boston Parking (www.proparkboston.com)

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Propark is committed to a boutique service delivery model that provides clients with high-touch customer service and value-added amenities. At Propark we believe the best course of action is to always do right by those you do business with or employ. Positive energy begets positive energy and whether it's premium services and amenities for clients, or advocating a living wage for employees; Propark believes that "Good Karma" benefits everyone. This garage also boasts an Electric Vehicle charging station.

Propark Boston’s North Station offers Parking near Logan Airport Garage Operates 24/7. Check out other Propark locations for great Parking near Harvard Square


Duration Rate
Up to 1/2 hour $6
Up to 1 hour $11
Up to 1 1/2 hours $16
Up to 2 hours $20
Up to 2 1/2 hours $24 to 6pm
Up to 3 hours $29 to 5am
3-24 hours $29 to 5am
Daily Max / Lost Ticket Price $29 to 5am
Nights/Weekends Mon-Sat 5pm - 5am:
Each 1/2 hour $5
Max $15 to 5am

Sun 5am-5am:
Each 1/2 hour $5
Max $15 to 5am

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