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Choir of St. Paul’s Church Harvard Square

29 Mt. Auburn St
Cambridge, MA 02138
jrobinson@choirschool.net | http://stpaulchoirschool.com/
617 256 9815 ext 319

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St. Paul's Church Harvard Square is home to one of very few traditional choirs of boys and men in the USA. The Choir is supported by the only Roman Catholic Boys Choir School in America, catering to boys in grades 4-8.

As a primarily liturgical Choir, the principal focus of music-making is the Mass, in celebration of which the boys and men sing music from the great history of the Church, in the fine acoustics of St. Paul's Church Harvard Square. Plainsong, Polyphony, Romantic and Contemporary composition are all represented in our repertoire. The boys sing at daily services at 12.10, at the High Mass on Sundays at 11.oo, and at Wednesday Vespers at 5.15. The Choir is accompanied by expert organ playing, and the liturgy is adorned with stylistically appropriate organ improvisation.

We also maintain a busy schedule of concerts in Massachusetts, tour nationally and internationally, and record for television and radio. We have collaborated with renowned ensembles such as the Boston Symphony Orchestra. We are always delighted to hear from potential new members- contact John Robinson the director of music at

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